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What You Should Know Commercials

The Allegheny County Bar Association introduced the What You Should Know commercials in November 2007. Each commercial provides a legal tip to the general public. The commercials are another way for the bar association to provide valuable legal information to the residents of Allegheny County and surrounding areas. The commercials cover a variety of legal issues, including: wills and living wills, signing a contract, searching for an attorney, posting information on the Internet, protection from abuse orders, and buying a car "as is." Additional commercials covering other areas will be produced in the future. Plans are for the commercials to air on both television and radio.

Cosigning loans

Turning 18Cosigning loans

View the turning 18 commercial.

Turning 18 means that you can vote and sign contracts, but it also means that you will be treated like an adult in a court of law. Visit for more information.

Careful what you post on the internet

Estate Planning

View the estate planning commercial.

When planning your estate, be sure to make a record of all your online bills, social media accounts, and your passwords. It will make things a lot easier for your survivors.

Driving Under the Influence


View the DUI commercial.

Just because you feel fine to drive after a few drinks doesn't mean you should. Get pulled over for a traffic violation, you can get a DUI or worse, you could hurt or kill someone.

Power of attorney

Power of attorneyPower of attorney

View the power of attorney commercial.

A power of attorney gives the person a right to act on your behalf in certain situations and with certain transactions. Make sure you clearly understand the extent of that power.

Driving While Texting

Driving while texting Driving While Texting

View the driving while texting commercial.

Statistics show that more car accidents occur when drivers are distracted by talking or texting on cell phones. So be smart and be safe. Don’t talk or text while driving.


Bullying Bullying

View the bullying commercial.

When young children make fun of each other, it sometimes can lead to bullying. Let's teach our children the difference between a good joke and a bad one, and why making fun of others is wrong.

Underage Drinking

Underage drinking Underage Drinking

View the underage drinking commercial.

TranscriptHideIf you are charged with underage drinking, even if you are not in a car you could lose your license for 90 days. You may lose it for a year for an underage DUI.



View the foreclosure commercial.

If you are threatened with a foreclosure you may qualify for home owners emergency assistance or loss mitigation programs. It is important that you seek assistance as early as possible.

Door to door salesman

Door to door salesmenDoor to door salesman

View the door to door salesmen commercial.

Be cautious when door to door salesmen offer to work on your home. For your own safety, don’t let them in. Always check to be sure that you are dealing with a reputable contractor.

Choosing an attorney

Choosing an attorneyChoosing an attorney

View the choosing an attorney commercial.

When choosing an attorney, ask a lot of questions about his/her legal experience and how your case will be handled. Be sure to ask and understand the attorney's fees and what your cost will be.

Protective order

Protective orderProtective order

View the protective order commercial.

If you are being physically harmed or threatened by a domestic partner, you can ask the courts for a protective order. Protect yourself by seeking help today.

Long term care

Long term careLong term care

View the long term care commercial.

Always speak to an attorney before placing a loved one in a long term care facility. You may be able to preserve assets while assuring your family member receives the best care.

Protective order


View the contracts commercial.

Always remember to read each contract carefully and understand it before you sign it. Simply signing your name may cost you money and limit your rights.

Living will

Living willLiving will

View the living will commercial.

In Pennsylvania you have the legal and ethical right to make your own decisions about your health care. A living will enforces your decisions if you become too ill to communicate.

Making out a will

Making a willMaking out a will

View the making a will commercial.

If you die without a will, everything does not automatically go to your spouse. Schedule some time to fill out a will even if you don’t think you have a lot of assets.

Buying a car asis

Buying a car as-isBuying a car asis

View the buying a car as-is commercial.

Always remember if you buy a car as-is, there are no warranties and you lose the right to seek damages if something goes wrong with the car after you purchase it.

Cosigning loans

Cosigning loansCosigning loans

View the cosigning loans commercial.

If you cosign a loan for someone you are also promising to pay the debt. You can be sued for non-payment and your credit could be damaged. Read the terms of any agreement before signing.

Careful what you post on the internet


View the Internet commercial.

Be careful what you post on the internet. You could be held legally responsible for inappropriate postings and the information or photos may come back to haunt you.

Animal Control

Animal controlAnimal Control

View the animal control commercial.

Animal control facilities only have to hold a stray or lost dog for 48 hours. There is no requirement for cats at all. Act quickly to ensure that your pet is protected.

Animal Control

Property lineProperty line

View the property line commercial.

Before doing outside work like cutting over-hanging tree branches make sure you know your exact property line. A lot of problems can be avoided by talking to your neighbor first.