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Communications and Publications Department

Jennifer Pulice
Director of Communications and Publications
Editor, Lawyers Journal

Ms. Pulice is responsible for managing the overall operations of the Communications and Publications Department. She is the editor of the Lawyers Journal and the Pittsburgh Legal Journal. She also coordinates the production of the ACBA membership directory and oversees the content and design of the ACBA and all related websites. All questions regarding bar association trademarks and copyrights should be directed to Ms. Pulice.


Denise Velez
PLJ Supervisor

Ms. Velez supervises the publication of the Pittsburgh Legal Journal. Ms. Velez is also responsible for the daily maintenance of Allegheny Lawyers Online and the Pittsburgh Legal Journal website.


Jessica Wysocki
Graphic Artist

Ms. Wysocki is responsible for the design and distribution of the Lawyers Journal. She is also responsible for designing other graphics projects.


Sharon Antill
Typesetter III

Ms. Antill is the typesetter responsible for the coordination and design of the Pittsburgh Legal Journal opinions. She also edits most bar association publications, including the Lawyers Journal and the Pittsburgh Legal Journal.


Amy Pennell
Typesetter III

Ms. Pennell is responsible for typesetting and proofreading copy for the daily Pittsburgh Legal Journal.


Peggy Lewis
Advertising Coordinator

Ms. Lewis fields advertising calls relating to all ACBA publications. She manages the flow of legal advertisements into the Pittsburgh Legal Journal and produces and distributes the “proof of publication.” She also acts as the ACBA notary.


Mark Higgs
Editor/Graphic Artist

Mr. Higgs is responsible for designing the Pittsburgh Legal Journal. He also assists with editing the ACBA Sidebar and other bar association publications.


Matt Mraz

Mr. Mraz is responsible for creating and maintaining the websites for the bar association and related entities.