Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why was this program created?
A. Returning to the legal profession or the professional world after an extended leave presents unique challenges and may seem daunting. The Back to the Bar program was created by the ACBA to offer meaningful help to ease the transition for experienced attorneys who have left the legal profession, for whatever reason, and wish to return.

Q. What are the requirements to participate in this program?
See Application Process.

Q. Is it a requirement that participants desire to return to practicing law?
A. No. Many who return after an absence from the legal profession are looking for alternative ways to use their law degree. The program is designed to aid attorneys who are either looking to return to the traditional practice of law or who are looking to use their legal background in a non-traditional career.

Q. What are the basic components of the program?
See Program Overview

Q. How many people will be attending this program?
A. In order to ensure the individual attention that we believe is integral to the Back to the Bar program, the number of attorneys accepted into the program will be limited. Therefore, we encourage interested participants to apply early.

Q. When and where will the program be held?
See Program Overview

Q. Will I receive any type of certificate after completion of the program?
A. Yes. A Certificate of Completion will be issued to individuals who complete the program.

Q. How likely is it that I will find a job after I complete this program?
A. This program is not designed to guarantee or in any way imply job placement; rather it is designed to refresh participants’ skills and prepare them for their job search. The resume and interviewing workshops and experiences, along with the legal research and writing offerings, are intended to provide and hone the skills of the attorney seeking to return to the legal profession.

Q. What will I learn about the job market?
A. This program will help participants consider opportunities in the private practice of law, but also in other areas such as the non-profit community and government sector.

Q. Will there be any on-going relationship with the program participants?
A. Yes. The program intends to pair each participant with an active member of the legal community to serve as a mentor.

If you have additional questions or would like more information about the Back to the Bar program, send an email to