Marketing Yourself and Negotiating Strategies


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How to Network without Being Fake
The Demographics of Equity
Networking for Women Lawyers
Lessons from Female Rainmakers
Four Ways Women Stunt Their Careers Unintentionally
Self-Evaluations: Dos and Don’ts
Tips for Completing Effective Attorney Self-Evaluations
It’s Who You Know and What You Can Do for Them
The Fine Art of Asking for What You Deserve
Key to career success is confidence, not talent
Professional Advancement and Gender Stereotypes: The “Rules” for Better Gender Communications
Ten Body Language Mistakes Women Leaders Make If you want to be perceived as powerful, credible and confident, be aware of the nonverbal signals you're sending.
Six Subtle Moves That Hold Woman Back From Success
Women's Initiatives Need Focus and Money, Says NAWL Report

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Effective Communication Using "I" Statements
Cultivating the Courage to Ask for Business
Report of the National Association of Women Lawyers National Leadership Summit - Actions for Advancing Women Into Law Firm Leadership
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A Review: Women on Top – The Woman’s Guide to Leadership and Power in Law Firms

Studies & Reports

Report of a National Survey of Women’s Initiatives: The Strategy, Structure, and Scope of Women’s Initiatives in Law Firms
Women Board Directors (WBD) Align With Strong Performance at Fortune 500 Companies
National Association of Women Lawyers and The NAWL Foundation National Survey on Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms
The Myth of the Meritocracy: A Report on the Bridges and Barriers to Success in Large Law Firms
From Lawyer to Business Partner: Career Advancement in Corporate Law Departments
Report and Recommendations of the Gender Equality Task Force of the Allegheny County Bar Association


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