Use New Lockbox Address to Send Legal Ads to ACBA

As the ACBA adheres to social distancing mandates, there are currently no ACBA employees working in our Koppers Building office. As a result, we are requesting that members refrain from sending hard copy legal notices and checks to the ACBA Koppers Building address until further notice.

If you are interested in submitting a legal notice for publication in the Pittsburgh Legal Journal, the ACBA has three convenient options for you to use.

    Online system: The Pittsburgh Legal Journal has an online system that can be used for submitting most types of legal notices. This system can be accessed here: While not all types of legal advertisements can be submitted using this method, most can. You do not need to be a subscriber to register and to create a user name and password to use this option. The kinds of legal advertisements customers can type using our online system are: Articles of Incorporation Business Corp., Articles of Incorporation Nonprofit Corp., Articles of Incorporation Professional Corp., Cert. of Limited Partnership, Cert. of Organization L.L.C., Estates, Fictitious Name Registration, Statement of Registration Foreign Business Corp., Statement of Registration Foreign Nonprofit Corp., Voluntary Dissolution Business Corp., Voluntary Dissolution, Nonprofit Corp., and Voluntary Dissolution Professional Corp. You will see the PDF forms for each of these types of legal ads after you register and sign in.

    By Email: To submit items by email, send your legal ad to ACBA staff will process your request and send you an invoice by email that you can pay online by credit card.

    By U.S. Mail: If you prefer to continue to mail in your legal ads, please do so but use this lockbox address: ACBA, P.O. Box 3455, Pittsburgh, PA 15230.

For your convenience, all PLJ templates are available online here.

Thank you for your cooperation during these unprecedented times. The ACBA looks forward to continuing to serve you with your legal publication needs. For more information or assistance, contact Melanie Goodwin at 412-402-6686 or

For any mail that has been sent to the ACBA since last Friday, March 20, please contact Melanie Goodwin to ensure it has been received and processed, and/or to make arrangements for re-submitting.

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