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Staying Out of E-Trouble

Staying out of E-trouble

The Young Lawyers Division of the Allegheny County Bar Association is now offering Staying Out of E-Trouble, a new component of its Stepping Out Program for area high school students. The program was created by the Allegheny County Bar Association and it discusses the ways students can avoid getting into trouble while using various modes of communications technology, such as text messages, e-mail, social network sites, and YouTube. E-Trouble will also discuss the laws that apply to this technology and the possible punishment for violating those laws.

Our young lawyers have for years conducted the popular Stepping Out Program for area high schools, and Staying Out of E-Trouble is a timely and important addition to that program. Students today have access to the latest communication technology which can be a significant benefit to their overall education and careers aspirations. However, that same technology has the potential for misuse in the forms of cyber-bullying, and inappropriate texts and postings. The Staying out of E-Trouble program is designed to educate our students on how to avoid potential misuse of technology that could negatively impact their lives and future career goals."

For more information about Staying Out of E-Trouble or the Stepping Out Program, contact the Allegheny County Bar Association Young Lawyers Division at 412-402-6613.