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Allegheny County Bar Association Releases First Monthly Legal Tips to Better Inform Public

Avoiding Home Repairs Problems and Scams Can Start with Getting References and a Detailed Contract That You Can Understand

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – July 26, 2011. The officers of the Allegheny County Bar Association today released legal tips on how to avoid home repair scams, the first of what will be monthly briefs from the association on a timely legal issue. The legal tips are part of the association’s ramped-up marketing efforts to better inform the general public about the free legal information, assistance, and services available through the bar. In addition to the monthly legal tips, the association plans to promote its free services, educational programs, and brochures through social networking, targeted marketing, the bar’s For the Public and 18 and the Law.org websites, and the continuation of its popular What You Should Know television and radio commercials, which also feature a legal tip.

According to Howard J. Schulberg, President of the Allegheny County Bar Association, “Despite this being the age of immediate access to online information, many individuals still do not know where to turn to get legal information and assistance before a minor legal issue becomes a major one. In addition, computers are not available to everyone, and many of our seniors do not use computers. That is why it is so important for the members of the bar association to do whatever we can to let our residents know that we are a reliable source of legal information. We want to get the word out that there is a lot of important information available through our websites, our Lawyer Referral Service, and the various free legal education programs and publications that we offer.”

Schulberg said this month’s legal tips on avoiding home repair problems and scams are important information for everyone, especially our seniors. “Our attorneys work hard with local law enforcement to help our citizens avoid becoming victims of fraud. There are many reputable and honest home repair contractors, but to guard against dishonest individuals, you should not let anyone rush you into signing a contract, and you should ask for references.”

Schulberg said the bar association regularly receives feedback that shows there is a real need for legal information and assistance. “When our brochures or programs are mentioned in the media, our phone lines are flooded. Through mostly word-of-mouth, our free legal education programs for first graders up to senior citizens are booked months in advance. And during our annual call-in show on KDKA-TV each spring we receive between 1,500 and 2,000 callers.

“Since we have a minimal marketing budget, we want to ensure that we provide help to our area residents when they see one of our What You Should Know commercials or read an article about one of our programs. That is why every single ad, commercial, or press release we produce will include a legal tip.”

Future monthly tips will focus on such areas of the law as how to find a lawyer, bankruptcy, wills and estates, collaborative law, divorce and custody issues, teens and the law, and landlord-tenant issues.

For more information on the Allegheny County Bar Association’s monthly legal tips, visit the association’s For the Public website at www.acba.org, its website for teenagers at 18andthelaw.org, or call its Lawyer Referral Service at 412-261-5555.

Chartered in 1870 and headquartered in downtown Pittsburgh, The Allegheny County Bar Association is a professional organization with more than 6,500 member attorneys, judges, district magistrate justices, legal administrators, and paralegals.


Howard J. Schulberg
Allegheny County Bar Association


Tom Loftus
Director of Marketing/Media Relations
Allegheny County Bar Association


Allegheny County Bar Association Monthly Legal Tips “How to Avoid Home Repair Problems and Scams”

July 20, 2011

There are many reputable and honest home repair persons and contractors, but, unfortunately, we hear about how dishonest persons prey on innocent homeowners or the elderly, take their hard earned money and leave them stuck with uncompleted repairs and projects.

What are some red flags or warning signs that would tell me I should steer clear of a contractor or business?

If you need a referral to an attorney practicing in the area of collections or consumer law, contact the Allegheny County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at 412-261-5555.

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