ACBA Sidebar

The ACBA Sidebar is the e-newsletter of the bar association. It is distributed each Thursday to members who have e-mail addresses on file with the association.

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ACBA Sidebar Editorial Policy

  1. Authors must submit information via e-mail to
  2. Information for the ACBA Sidebar must be received on the Monday before the Sidebar in which the author wishes his/her information to appear. It is the author’s responsibility to make sure his/her story arrives by the deadline. 
  3. Space is limited. Submissions are subject to these limitations.
  4. Only announcements for events or programs of the Allegheny County Bar Association, events co-sponsored by the Allegheny County Bar Association, and court or government notices will be published.
  5. However, the editors reserve the right to select, reject, and edit information at our sole discretion. 
  6. Due to the heavy volume of requests, notices may only run twice in the Sidebar. These notices cannot run in consecutive weeks.   
  7. The editors reserve the right to edit announcements for length and clarity.
  8. The author assures the information submitted is his/her own original work and is not under any legal restriction for publication (i.e. previous copyright ownership).
  9. The author assumes full responsibility for checking all names, titles, dates, and facts for information submitted.
  10. The ACBA holds all rights for publication (including publication on the Internet) and all reprint rights. Information published in the ACBA Sidebar may not be republished, resold, recorded, or used in any manner, in whole or in part, without the permission of the publishers.
  11. Authors may reach the editor, Brian Estadt, at
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