Young Lawyers Division Committees

The Young Lawyers Division sponsors many activities and through the work of its committees reaches out to young lawyers as well as the community. We encourage you to become an active member of the YLD and join one or more of our committees. The YLD needs your ideas, energy, and time to help young lawyers make a difference to the practice of law in this county. If you are interested in joining one of the YLD committees or would like more information on YLD, please contact the ACBA at 412-261-6161.

Public Service Committee

The goal of the Public Service Committee of the Young Lawyers Division is to provide community public service to the elderly, high school students, and the community at large. Numerous programs are offered providing both written information and personal presentations by young lawyers to various community groups explaining a wide variety of legal subject matters. These programs give young lawyers the opportunity to reach out to the public and not only provide a much-needed service, but promote a positive image of lawyers and the profession. Young lawyers can hone their public speaking skills by volunteering just one hour of their time.

This committee meets the third Tuesday of every month at noon at ACBA headquarters, fourth floor Koppers Building.

Aleksandra Kocelko and Kathryn VanDeveer

Member Services Committee

The goal of the Members Services Committee is to offer the young lawyer various social and networking opportunities. These events allow young lawyers to meet other young lawyers and professionals in informal settings. These events inlclude:

* Spring Fling
* Bench-Bar Conference
* Charity Golf Outing
* Holiday Party

This committee meets the third Wednesday of every month at noon at ACBA headquarters, fourth floor Koppers Building.

Daniel Murray and Elizabeth Rubenstein

Membership Outreach Committee

The Membership Outreach Committee is responsible for recruiting, retaining, and supporting membership in the YLD and ACBA at large through new and unique endeavors. This is accomplished by connecting YLD members with other young professionals in the Pittsburgh community, by strengthening the YLD’s contacts with local law schools and new law graduates, and by implementing new initiatives to leverage the already strong existing network of YLD and ACBA members.

This committee meets on the second Tuesday of every month at noon at ACBA headquarters, fourth floor Koppers Building.

Jamie Drennan and Maxwell Briskman Stanfield

Education Committee

The goal of the Education Committee of the Young Lawyers Division is to provide educational programs that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the young lawyer. Topics are offered that are generally not found in programming offered by other attorney organizations, such as proper court etiquette, basic bankruptcy practice, and conducting a real estate closing. Not only are these programs geared toward the young lawyer, many times the programs are offered by young lawyers, thereby providing them with the opportunity to gain exposure and experience in an educational forum.

Law Practicum Series - This program was designed to give young lawyers the opportunity to teach other young lawyers some practical information about a certain topic so that they can hold their own when family members or close friends corner them with a question.

Lunch with the Judges - This program is designed to give young lawyers the chance to meet with judges in a more casual environment and learn things that may assist them when they are in front of the judges. The invited judges are usually from Allegheny County, however recently judges from other counties have participated in the lunches as well in order to prepare young lawyers for arguing motions in front of these judges.

Lunch and Learn Seminars - This program is usually an informational program that covers a variety of topics. Examples of past seminars have been the electronic filing system for Allegheny County or debt management. The seminars are a way to provide young lawyers with non-law related information that is useful and interesting to learn about.

Community Involvement Fair - The purpose of this program is to bring non-profit organizations together with young lawyers. It’s a great way for young lawyers to find some great pro bono work and to help these worthwhile organizations get assistance they need. It is a good way to get the YLD name out in the community and to improve our image.

This committee meets the second Wednesday of every month at noon at ACBA headquarters, fourth floor Koppers Building.

Thomas Cocchi and Maria Coladonato

Communications Committee

The goal of the Communications Committee is to improve communications with our members. The committee seeks to keep YLD members informed about all of the YLD's programming, and to publicize the YLD to the larger ACBA membership as well as the local community. To that end, the Communications Committee maintains the YLD's social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn and coordinates articles for The Lawyer's Journal. The Communications Committee also seeks member feedback and conducts surveys about YLD programming and communication methods. Finally, the Communications Committee partners with the Education Committee to present an annual lunch and learn. This year's topic was "When the Media Comes Calling" and focused on how young lawyers should interact with reporters.

The Communications Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month at noon at ACBA headquarters, fourth floor of the Koppers Building.

 Zach Gordon and Stephen Matvey

Diversity Committee

In 2008, the YLD formed the Diversity Committee to address its concerns regarding the lack of diversity in the profession and ACBA. Through social events, educational events and mentoring, the Committee works independently and in conjunction with the other minority focused committees to increase and retain young minority involvement in the ACBA. The YLD Diversity Committee’s keynote event is the annual Diverse Law Student Reception, which is in the fall of each year. At the Diverse Law Student Reception, diverse law students from the local law schools are invited to attend to learn more about the ACBA and to network with the diverse attorneys of the Bar.

 Benjamin Gobel and Keanna Seabrooks