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Amicus Curiae Brief Committee

The purpose of the Amicus Curiae Brief Committee is to review each application and make a recommendation (i.e., approval or denial) to the Board of Governors. 

The issue(s) in the Brief must involve an issue of law only and not a question of fact.

The position to be advanced must be consistent with the mission statement of the ACBA.

The following factors will be considered in determining whether to approve an Application. The policy or position to be advanced must be:

(a) A matter of special significance to lawyers or the legal profession;
(b) A matter regarding regulation of the legal profession;
(c) A matter improving the administration of justice; and/or
(d) A matter improving the quality of legal services.

An Application will only be considered after the Court has agreed to hear the matter (i.e., an Application will not be approved while a case is pending on allocator or certiorari).

An Application may seek permission to file a Brief in the appellate courts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the appellate courts in the federal court system.

ACBA Mission Statement

Brief Participation Policy