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They are the bar campaign

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The Allegheny County Bar Association has announced a new advertising campaign designed to continue to raise awareness of the legal programs and assistance available to the general public and of the valuable work its members are doing in the community.

The "They are the bar" campaign will initially be launched internally in the association’s Lawyers Journal and other publications and then will be branched out to additional media vehicles in the future.

"The campaign expands the focus of the association's tagline—Raising the bar on legal and community service, which will continue to be the tag that accompanies the bar’s logo" said Tom Loftus, Director of Marketing and Media Relations for the Allegheny County Bar Association. "We have received a lot of positive feedback about our tagline, and it really encompasses our main objectives and pushes us to continually improve. But we felt that with the innovative programs and initiatives that our members are carrying to the community, it was time to have a campaign that went beyond just raising the bar.

"The ‘They are the bar’ tag featured in this advertising campaign has two meanings. First it demonstrates that our members define us, define who we are. Without their contributions, ideas, and involvement, we would be just a name. They are the face and heart and soul of the bar association and are responsible for getting the legal information out to people who need legal assistance. We are proud of our members and we want to shine the spotlight on their efforts. Second, our programs often are benchmarked and borrowed, so we are leading the way in many areas. Some good examples include our Institute for Gender Equality and our Staying out of E-trouble and This is a Joke – Making Fun of Others is Not! programs."