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Today's Attorney campaign

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The Alllegheny County Bar Association's Today's Attorney campaign focuses on a central theme of "Raising the Bar on Legal and Community Service."

"The ultimate goal is to improve perceptions and raise awareness of the good things attorneys do," said Tom Loftus, Director of Marketing and Media Relations for the bar association.

Seventeen ads have already been designed by the ACBA staff and approved for publication. Additional ads will be created on an as-needed basis at no cost to the association, because they are designed by staff members.

All of the ads will contain three major elements, including a "Today’s Attorney" heading that sends a message that this is happening now, a brief statement that reinforces the positive image of attorneys, and a closing caption that reads "Allegheny County Bar Association - Raising the Bar on Legal and Community Service."

Loftus said every advertisement would reflect a positive statement about how attorneys are committed to providing excellent legal and community service. The ACBA welcomes feedback and suggestions from its members.

"We don’t want to rest on our past accomplishments. Instead, we want to raise the bar and let people know about the good things our members are doing."

"These ads send out a good message not only about the Allegheny County Bar Association members, but also about all attorneys," said Loftus.