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Video production

Day in the life

Convey a client’s life situation and tasks of daily living via a day in the life shoot that can be taken at the client’s home, hospital room, hospice, or other location. Our videographers will go on-site and capture life events through the eyes of your client, his/her family, and his/her caregivers as the case warrants.

Location / site surveys

Take the jurors to a location without having them leave the jury box, or demonstrate conditions of a location key to the case with a site survey. Site surveys can be outdoors or indoors as the situation warrants. Some examples of locations for surveys we have done are rail-yards, manufacturing plants, stores, roadway intersections, and schools. Editing and narration can be done to the footage if needed to provide a brief but effective video record of the location.

Conference / seminars and event capture

We can go on-site and document your event. From a simple single-camera capture to complex multi-camera and multi-room coverage with computer presentation, capture, and integration, we can handle it all. A synchronized version of the program can also be provided along with the standard VHS or DVD version to make educational programs more effective for the viewer.