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Video conferencing services

In a world that demands real-time connection, video conferencing is becoming relied upon more and more in both the legal and business fields. You can save time and money on travel by using our services, which allow you to have face-to-face meetings across the country or across the world. Our video conferencing services are used by law firms to conduct depositions, witness preparation, and expert consultations, while businesses rely on us for training, job interviews, and inter-company communications.

To help clients connect with their out-of-town parties, we partner with several national and international video conference networks. In addition to reserving the room, we always test and verify the location to ensure equipment compatibility to make sure that everything goes smoothly on the day of your video conference.

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Video support services

In addition to video conferencing, we can help you with video depositions, video production, courtroom playback, and more. All of our video and presentation services can include an operator to ensure unforeseen challenges are met and resolved quickly.

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To schedule a video conference or for video support services, please contact Marty Barron at 412-261-5588 or