WLD launches career resources web page to promote advancement of women by Mallorie A. McCue The answers to many of the questions being asked by attorneys can be found on the new career resources web page offered by the ACBA's Women in the Law Division. The web page provides materials relevant to questions, such as: Do women attorneys still earn less than men? If so, how can this be addressed? How do I recruit and retain women lawyers? Are flex-time and reduced-hour schedules successful? How do I make myself indispensible to my employer and negotiate for what I want? How do I identify mentors and sponsors? A link to the valuable information can be found on the WLD page of the ACBA's website at www.acba.org. From traditional topics, such as work/life balance, pay inequity, and negotiating, to issues facing diverse and LGBT attorneys, to materials for employers and sole practitioners, the resources equip attorneys with the information necessary to face a variety of challenges. The site was updated to encourage men and women in the legal community to join the effort for the advancement of women attorneys. The goal is to educate the legal community about the impact of overt and subtle barriers that may deny women the opportunity to achieve full integration and equal participation in the work, responsibilities and rewards of the legal profession. Whether one is a young or seasoned attorney or an employer, information is power. The driving force behind this project was to find materials ranging from popular articles to scholarly works, studies and reports, providing a comprehensive resource for those seeking information. The WLD's hope is that these materials, along with the addition of model policies and tips for drafting them, will be an important resource for attorneys and employers in Allegheny County. The information contained on the career resources web page may provide necessary tools for those hoping to address some of these issues with their employers. For example, imagine that an employee is hoping to approach his or her employer to discuss a flex-time arrangement that would allow the employee to take care of a child or an elderly parent. After reviewing the information contained in the appropriate section, an interested attorney would be able to approach his or her employer with a study and model policy in hand. A growing number of firms have implemented written flex-time policies, which have been crafted based on studies showing that productivity increases when employees have flexibility. The WLD believes that through this type of education and action, we can truly promote the success and advancement of women attorneys in Allegheny County. The web page, previously known as Tools for Advancement and Professional Satisfaction (TAPS), has been overhauled and divided into these topics of interest:  Equal Pay  Flex-time and Work/Life Balance  Parenting, Family Leave, Off-Ramping and On-Ramping  Mentoring and Promoting Women Attorneys  Marketing Yourself and Negotiating Strategies  Charting Your Own Course: Information for Sole Practitioners  Harassment and Discrimination  Information for Employers  Information for Junior Attorneys  Information for Diverse and LGBT Attorneys  Other Resources for Men and Women Attorneys Since an individual's experience with certain issues will evolve over time, two sections, "Equal Pay" and "Flex-time and Work/Life Balance," have been split into subsections for junior and senior attorneys. Major improvements to the previous TAPS page include the addition of sections for employers, sole- practitioners, junior attorneys, diverse attorneys, and LGBT attorneys. As part of this initiative, the WLD will also be forming a subcommittee charged with working cooperatively with the Institute for Gender Equality to create sample model policies for use by firms and companies in Allegheny County. If you would like to be involved in drafting and reviewing the model policies, contact Jeanine L. DeBor, who chairs the WLD. "I am pleased and grateful for the work of the committee to enhance and update this valuable resource," said DeBor. "The WLD has always provided excellent programming that addresses the challenges women attorneys face in our region, and the career resources page will provide additional tools for their professional development." Alysia Keating, director of diversity and gender equality for the ACBA, said the revamped page will be an invaluable resource to all attorneys in Allegheny County, particularly those who are not able to attend the various programs of the IGE and WLD. The career resources page will be updated with new materials on a regular basis. Anyone with ideas about additional information to include should send an e-mail to Mallorie.McCue@gmail.com. Many of the latest articles and blog entries on these types of issues can be accessed on the WLD LinkedIn page. The WLD meets the last Wednesday of each month at noon on the ninth floor of the City-County Building. Lunch is provided and all are welcome. n