Looking to hire an attorney, paralegal, legal assistant, legal secretary or legal administrator? The Allegheny County Bar Association Legal Employment Services has two great ways to help you.

  1. Allegheny County Bar Association Job Board

    When people are looking for job openings in the Pittsburgh legal community, one of the first places they turn to is the ACBA. Want to capitalize on the ACBA brand and the network of candidates proactively coming to us in search of that ideal position?
    You can post your current job openings on the ACBA Job Board at any time. Posting a job opening on the ACBA Job Board is an extremely affordable option and ensures your job posting will be seen by an audience who is looking for legal job openings in the Pittsburgh region. In addition to the job posting itself, the ACBA markets these positions our social media channels. Visit jobs.acba.org for additional information and pricing. Click here for more.

  2. Legal candidate placement

    If you don’t have the time or human resources personnel to review resumes, pre-screen candidates and conduct multiple job interviews, we can help! We match the right candidates with the right employers by connecting qualified, prescreened applicants with law firms and other organizations looking to hire. Your organization – no matter how large or small – can capitalize on the ACBA’s name and impeccable reputation to attract the best candidates. Once you have engaged the ACBA’s service, we meet with your firm or organization to understand the specific requirements and salary range for the open position. We advertise the position, review resumes and screen the applicants. We work only with candidates who reach out to ACBA LES. There is no “headhunting.” After we complete the recruitment process, you will be matched with the applicants who meet your specifications. The ACBA promotes diversity in the legal profession and can help employers do the same. Click here for more.

This is a fee-based service for employers, and our rates are very affordable. There is only a fee if the position is filled by a candidate referred to you by the ACBA. All placements are guaranteed, so should our candidate not work out for you for any reason within 60 days of employment, we will restart the recruiting and interviewing efforts to replace that candidate at no extra charge.

For more information or to post your open position, contact the ACBA at LESresumes@acba.org or 412-402-6623.

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