Meet the Legal Employment Services Team

For more information, contact Stephanie Zagrocki, Director of Legal Employment Services, directly at 412-258-0142 or

Stephanie Zagrocki, Director of Legal Employment Services

Stephanie Zagrocki oversees the day-to-day operations of ACBA Legal Employment Services. A 1998 graduate of the Duquesne University School of Law, she has both law firm and in-house corporate legal experience. Stephanie’s multi-faceted experience in multiple areas of the law make her keenly qualified to match candidates with specific openings at area firms and businesses.

David Blaner, ACBA Executive Director

In his role as Executive Director, David Blaner is responsible for the overall operation of the entire Allegheny County Bar Association. With ACBA Legal Employment Services, he provides career counseling to area legal professionals. This includes confidential meetings to discuss resume tips, interviewing advice, potential job openings and more. With 26 years of experience at the ACBA, David has thorough knowledge of the Pittsburgh-area legal community.


Alysia Keating, Director of Diversity and Gender Equality
Alysia Keating supports the ACBA with respect to the issues of diversity and gender equality in the Pittsburgh-area legal community. Through employer engagement initiatives and career counseling sessions with female and other diverse candidates, she works with ACBA Legal Employment Services to promote greater diversity and inclusion within the legal profession. A 1993 graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, Alysia worked in private practice for 11 years and joined the ACBA in 2011.


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