Bar All Bullying program

In February 2015, the Allegheny County Bar Association piloted a cyberbullying prevention program for 9th graders at Avonworth High School. The new program is called Bar All Bullying.

The program consists of a panel of speakers including a judge and attorneys who have witnessed the devastating effects of cyberbullying. Alarming statistics about cyberbullying are shared throughout the program.

Each speaker works into his or her comments real life examples of cyberbullying amongst teens along with advice on what to do if you are being bullied or cyberbullied. The speakers also address prepared questions from the students and information taken from a confidential cyberbullying survey filled out by the students prior to the date of the presentation.

Key Messages Include:

  • Think before you send or forward on an inappropriate email.
  • Know the signs of cyberbullying.
  • Understand that deleting text/emails doesn’t mean it disappears.
  • The spoken word is powerful.  The written word can be forever.
  • Tell a teacher or another adult if you think another student is being bullied.
  • Cyberbullying is not just being done by teens.  Younger students and adults also are involved.
  • There are consequences, including legal ones, to your actions.
  • Kindness is not a sign of weakness.

Students then have an opportunity to ask additional questions.

The program also includes comments from the principal and local law enforcement.

The program starts and ends with a cyberbullying related music video. For more information, contact

Information on how to request this program at your school will be available soon.