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What students are saying

We recently heard back from some of the children at schools where we presented, "This is a Joke - Making Fun of Others is Not!" Here are some of their comments.

Thank you for coming in and teaching us not to make fun of others. I really thought that the presentation was great. Bye, Jake

Thank you for coming to our class and telling us what's a good joke and what is a bad joke. Also, thank you for the t-shirt. Danny

This is one of the best presentations I ever saw, and I like the jokes.

I wanted to thank you for the great presentation. I thought this was a very important lesson, and it was also true! I learned not to make fun of people and that some things can be very funny and some things are serious. I also want to thank you for the really cool pencils and t-shirt. Your friend, Michelle.

Thank you for teaching us that important lesson about not making fun of someone. My favorite part of your lesson was the jokes that we shared. I didn't share mine because some people may not have understood it, but I will tell you mine.

What did the boy sandal say to the girl sandal on Valentine's Day? Are you my sole-mate? From, Molly

Thanks a lot for coming down to our class. Your program was very interesting. I liked when you told us to tell nice jokes not bad!!!!!!! And when someone is making fun of someone you do something about it. And if someone is making fun of you, you walk away. From Danielle

Thank you for the lesson. It was really cool. Now I will not make fun of people. Thank you for the pencil. I feel like a judge. I learned that I shouldn't make fun of people, and I will promise I will never again. Your friend, Leah

I think you help people understand how others feel when they are made fun of. You teach people that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. You teach people how others feel when they are made fun of. You really taught my class a lesson. Since the assembly, things have really been lightening up. Sincerely, Gina.

Thank you for coming to our school. We loved your jokes. I love refreshing my memory with jokes. Bye Bye. Even though this card says thanks like a million times, thanks. Here is another joke: What do you get when you cross a wolf and 12 dozen eggs? A hairy omelet.