Allegheny County Bar Association Creates Code of Professionalism

Pittsburgh PennsylvaniaJune 11, 2010. The officers of the Allegheny County Bar Association have announced the adoption of a Code of Professionalism for its members to preserve and enhance the high level of professionalism that exists in the practice of law in Allegheny County.

“The Allegheny County legal community is proud of its legacy of professionalism,” said Kimberly A. Brown, president of the Allegheny County Bar Association. “We view the practice of law as a profession that should be conducted with honor and integrity, and our Code of Professionalism is a reminder to never forget our commitment to these goals.”

Bryan S. Neft, Esq., chair of the ad hoc committee that composed the code, said, “The code is really a statement of best practices that generally exist and that we have come to expect in the legal profession of Allegheny County. One of the most important parts of the code deals with our commitment to diversity, equality, and fairness in the profession. Because the Allegheny County Bar Association is committed to the ideals of diversity and equality, inclusion of those ideals in the code will go a long way toward promoting them and encouraging our attorneys to adopt them.”

The association’s Code of Professionalism also offers reminders on how to communicate with others in a civil and respectful manner. Clear and effective communications with a client or perspective client is of the utmost importance. The Code of Professionalism also encourages lawyers to participate in pro bono activities and to act as mentors for new attorneys.

“It is not meant to regulate the conduct of attorneys, but rather it is to serve as a guide to making the practice of law the best it can be,” said Neft.

The Allegheny County Bar Association’s Code of Professionalism can be found on the association’s website at


Bryan S. Neft, Esq.


Kimberly A. Brown, Esq.


Tom Loftus
Director of Marketing and Media Relations