Allegheny County Bar Association Members Vote “Yes” for Retention for Nine Allegheny County Judges

Pittsburgh PennsylvaniaOctober 5, 2009.  Officers of the Allegheny County Bar Association announced today that its membership has voted “yes” to retain nine Allegheny County judges running for retention in the November 3, 2009 election. The bar association also announced that the judges have agreed not to campaign which could have impacted their time on the bench serving the people of Allegheny County. The bar association will, instead, help publicize why it is important for voters to retain these nine judges.

The bar association members have recommended the following judges for retention:

Pennsylvania Superior Court
Honorable Kate Ford Elliott

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court
Honorable Dan Pellegrini

Court of Common Pleas
Honorable Kim Berkeley Clark
Honorable Robert J. Colville
Honorable Kim D. Eaton
Honorable Paul F. Lutty, Jr.
Honorable Jeffrey A. Manning
Honorable Kevin G. Sasinoski
Honorable Gene Strassburger

According to Jay A. Blechman, Chair of the ACBA Judicial Excellence Committee, “Our members have voted ‘yes’ for retention for these nine judges, because our members understand the importance of having experienced judges on the bench. These judges continue serving the residents of Allegheny County fairly and impartially as they have during the past decade or longer. We are proud to help educate the public about the importance of voting ‘yes’ for retention for these fine and honorable jurists.”

The ACBA Judicial Excellence Committee is the political action committee of the Allegheny County Bar Association.


Jay A. Blechman
ACBA Judicial Excellence Committee

Tom Loftus
Director of Marketing and Media Relations
Allegheny County Bar Association
Raising the Bar on Legal and Community Service