Special thanks


The ACBA Young Lawyers Division would like to thank the numerous individuals who devoted their time, effort, and creativity to the creation of the Legal Guide for Families in Medical Crisis. This website was an overwhelming undertaking and, without their help, it would not have been possible.

Michael K. Feeney - Co-Chair
Matis Baum O’Connor

Julie R. Colton - Co-Chair
Voelker & Gricks, LLP

Jaclyn M. Belczyk

Ciara Boice

Jessica L. Crown
Law Offices of Patricia L. McGrail, LLC

Jonathan R. Colton
Joshua M. Bloom & Associates, PC

Jessica A. Ellel
Houston Harbaugh

Richard Ernsberger
Behrend & Ernsberger, P.C.

Kimberly Feeney

Ashley L. Griffin
Thomson, Rhodes & Cowie, PC

Shawn Haag

Louis John Kroeck, IV
Anstandig, McDyer & Yurcon, PC

Stacy C. Mikelonis

Krutika Patel Sharma
Spanovich & Patel, LLC

Elizabeth M. Warner
Jones, Gregg, Creehan & Gerace, LLP

Regina C. Wilson
K&L Gates, LLC


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