Advance Healthcare Directive

Healthcare Power of Attorney and Living Will

Presented by the Allegheny County Bar Association and the Allegheny County Medical Society

Congratulations on taking this first step towards completing your Advance Healthcare Directive. The Allegheny County Medical Society and the Allegheny County Bar Association have made this document available, as a public service, to support you in making important decisions to record your wishes for end of life healthcare. By selecting a healthcare agent, and writing down your wishes, you are helping your family and physician honor your wishes, and empowering your loved ones to advocate on your behalf. The ACBA recognizes that the decisions contained in this document are difficult and are not to be made lightly. The ACBA hopes that this document will serve to guide and help you to think about and record those important decisions, and provide you and your family with the gift of peace of mind.

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Advance Healthcare Directive