A tribute to Elizabeth Bailey

March 20, 2015
President’s Message by Jim Creenan

My term as president of the ACBA has been very rewarding and my day job is equally interesting.

As president, I have been able to attend many events and I have met many wonderful people. Likewise, my day job is just as rewarding. Our small five-lawyer firm helps businesses and individuals with estate planning and administration, business operations, and real estate and construction matters.

I spend most of my time addressing the disputes that walk through the front door. One of the greatest parts of my practice is the privilege to work alongside Elizabeth Bailey. Five years ago, Walter Baczkowski and I shook hands with Ms. Bailey and we combined our practices.

She thought it might be time to consider retirement or winding down. We took over the operational side and allowed her to focus on what she does best – helping people solve their legal problems. Her transition plan has been one of the highlights of my career.

Many of you do not know Ms. Bailey. Those who know her may also recall her longtime partner, the late James C. Tallant.

Ms. Bailey taught school before she studied law.

She drives through snow storms to Orphans’ Court for the audit of her estates. She can recite verbatim the metes and bounds descriptions for an entire chain of title for each of four adjoining properties. She can do this in court without notes. Yes, you read that correctly.

During her career, she has handled thousands of adoptions. She litigated interstate custody disputes before most of us were even born. (See Commonwealth ex rel. Buckner v. Barr, 376 Pa. 9, 101 A.2d 621 (1954)).

In addition, Ms. Bailey has drafted more wills and deeds than LegalZoom. She is a strong advocate for the legal rights of seniors.

She just knows how to do everything the right way and she is a shining example of excellence in all that she does.

People show up at the office to seek her guidance every day and she is always there to help.

I would like to say Happy 95th Birthday to Elizabeth, my friend. Thank you.