A Special Thank You

June 24, 2016
President’s Message By Mark Martini

My term as president of this great Association is coming to a close, and this will be my last President’s Message. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was writing my first President’s Message. All of the presidents before me who told me that “your year will go very fast” couldn’t have been any more accurate. I’ll admit that serving as President wasn’t easy, but it was a tremendous experience that I wouldn’t trade. But it was those around me who made the job so fulfilling. So I write in this journal one last time to say thank you to all who made my last 12 months so satisfying.

First and foremost, thanks to you, the members. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you and this community. Thank you for your ongoing involvement with the activities of the bar association, and your commitment to making our legal community even better. YOU are the reason why we are one of the best bar associations in the country.

Thank you to the entire Board of Governors for giving conscientious consideration to all of the matters that came before you. You had some very difficult and sensitive issues to act upon this year. And while not everyone was always in agreement, you each showed the utmost respect to one another regardless of conflicting views, and each of you in your own way voted in what you believed to be in the best interest of the association.  

Thank you to president-elect Melaine Rothey. Thank you for understanding that in the grand scheme of this world we live in, family always comes first. Words cannot express my gratitude for when you approached me at the beginning of my term and told me that you knew that I had young children and would be willing to fill in for me for any events that I couldn’t attend because I needed to be there for my kids. Your deed followed your word, and I appreciate all that you did for me to assist in serving my role as father and president.

Thank you to David Blaner and the entire staff of the ACBA. Dave, you are the reason that this bar association functions like a well-oiled machine, and we are blessed to have the best executive director in the country.    

Thank you to my law firm, Robb Leonard Mulvihill. There were countless days and hours where I was MIA from the office while serving as president. I couldn’t have done this job without understanding partners and assistance from many of the attorneys in my office who were frequently called upon to fill in for me when I was unavailable. And special thanks to my legal assistant, Heather Wolf. You kept me organized and on track when it felt as if I was being pulled in ten directions at once.

Last and certainly not least, thank you to my wife, Rhonda, and kids, Winston and Marina. I am the luckiest man alive to have such a wonderful wife and the best children in the world. While there were many times when I was away from home, hearing the love in your voices when I’d call home, and getting the hugs each time I finally returned, dwarfs all of the riches in the world. I love all of you.

While this chapter is coming to a close for me, it’s certainly not the end of the line. I look forward to continuing to serve this association and the Pittsburgh legal community in other ways in the future – just give me a short break to catch my breath.