Communications and Publications

Jennifer Pulice
Director of Communications and Publications

Ms. Pulice directs all aspects of the Communications and Publications Department. She supervises the publication and editorial content of the Lawyers Journal and Pittsburgh Legal Journal. She is also responsible for handling all inquiries regarding bar association trademarks and copyrights, as well as reprint requests. She has more than 20 years of experience in the Pittsburgh legal community.

Denise Velez
PLJ Supervisor

Ms. Velez supervises the publication of the Pittsburgh Legal Journal. Ms. Velez is also responsible for the daily maintenance of Allegheny Lawyers Online and the Pittsburgh Legal Journal website.

Jessica Wysocki Valesky
Graphic Artist Supervisor

Ms. Valesky is responsible for the design and distribution of the Lawyers Journal and creates numerous print and web designs for the bar, its foundation and multiple affiliated clients.

Sharon Antill
Typesetter III

Ms. Antill is the typesetter responsible for the coordination and design of the Pittsburgh Legal Journal opinions. She also proofreads most bar association publications, including the Lawyers Journal and the Pittsburgh Legal Journal.

Jim Spezialetti
Typesetter III

Mr. Spezialetti is responsible for the typesetting and proofreading of the Pittsburgh Legal Journal.

Chuck Faber
Publications Layout Specialist

Mr. Faber is a Publications Layout Specialist responsible for the layout and proofreading of the Daily Pittsburgh Legal Journal.