Membership Services and Continuing Legal Education Department

Christina Daub
Director, Membership and CLE and Events

Ms. Daub directs all aspects of the ACBA’s Membership and CLE Department. She oversees ACBA events, programming, member benefit offerings and Committee, Section and Division activities.

Barbara Brumbaugh
Membership Coordinator

Ms. Brumbaugh is responsible for maintaining computerized membership records and databases including Committee and Section membership lists and continually updating membership information.

Amy Giesy
Manager Member Services & Events

Ms. Giesy is responsible for managing ACBA events and meetings. She also maintains and administers the daily calendar and participates in departmental efforts to attract and retain members and develop and administer member benefits.

Hannah Brizzi
CLE and Program Manager

Ms. Brizzi is responsible for managing ACBA CLEs and other educational seminars. She maintains and administers the CLE calendar and all logistics related to CLE programming. She also participates in departmental member-based efforts.