ACBA Video

No, you don’t have to be a lawyer to take advantage of these services!

We live in a digital world.  In the legal profession today – as is the case in all businesses – being able to share digital messages and communicate via
video is essential.

ACBA Video offers comprehensive video services designed to meet the
needs of attorneys, law firms and legal service providers throughout the Pittsburgh area. Allegheny County Bar Association members receive discounts on these services. (Membership has its privileges!)

However, these video services are not limited to the legal profession.  All businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals are welcome to take advantage of our creative and technical expertise.  In other words, you don’t have to be a lawyer to work with ACBA Video.


A brief overview of ACBA Video services is below. For more information, contact Marty Barron, Technology Coordinator at the Allegheny County Bar Association, at 412-261-5588 or

A Look at the Services We Offer:

  • Video Conferencing – Real-time connection with clients is essential in all areas of business, and that is especially true of the legal field.  Save money and time by eliminating travel and still meet with your out-of-town clients face-to-face.  ACBA Video will handle all of the technical details, and then – from our offices in downtown Pittsburgh – you can have a face-to-face video conference with individuals around the world. You can even meet with multiple people, in multiple locations, at the same time.  All conferences can be recorded for your permanent records.

  • Video Depositions – Securing high-quality video depositions can be an essential element in an attorney’s case. No one in Pittsburgh knows the legal profession better than the ACBA. Trust our experience to capture your deposition – in crisp high definition video and sound – in our downtown Pittsburgh offices, or have one of our videographers come to you or shoot on-location throughout Western Pennsylvania.

  • Legal-Use Videos – In addition to depositions, ACBA Video can record “day-in-the-life” videos, site inspections, product tests, witness testimonies, legal document signings or any other kind of in-the-field recording.  In addition, ACBA Video can create training videos or other kinds of customized feature programs which can be distributed on DVD or uploaded to a secure cloud. 

  • Courtroom Playback – Whether your video deposition was recorded by ACBA Video or not, playback carts are available, with technical support, for trials at the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas in downtown Pittsburgh. 

  • Audio/Video Equipment Rental – Customers can rent our video and/or audio equipment for their own use. Available equipment includes LCD projectors, laptops, document cameras, DVD players, VHS players, power speakers, flat screen monitors, projection screens and more. Call ACBA Video at 412-261-5588 to discuss reliable A/V equipment solutions with our experts.

  • Audio/Video Duplication – Often, one copy is not enough.  ACBA Video rapidly duplicates digital audio and video recordings and can export the final product in a variety of digital file formats.

  • VHS to DVD Transfer – Converting old VHS tapes to DVDs or other digital formats is popular, smart and practical. Whether transferring old court depositions for professional use or simply turning those old home videos into DVDs, ACBA Video can provide these services at an affordable price.

  • Audio Cassette to CD Transfer – Similar to our VHS-to-DVD transfer capabilities, ACBA Video can also transfer old audio cassettes (mini or regular), to compact discs or digital audio files.

  • Video Editing and Production – Do you have a deposition, interview or other raw footage but need it to be professionally edited? Through our high definition video editing system, the ACBA Video can bring structure to your video and add a main menu and chapters to ease with navigation. Additionally, ACBA Video can record, edit, and produce entire video productions from scratch.

  • Photo Restoration – Many attorneys are storing old photographs as evidence and, as we all know, paper photos don’t last forever. ACBA Video can restore old photos and transfer them to digital formats. Other individuals may simply have old vacation photos that they would like to have preserved, and we can do that too!


About Marty

Marty working on video services

Marty Barron, the Technology Coordinator at the Allegheny County Bar Association, has more than 40 years of professional experience in television, award-winning cable productions and video productions.  “Forty-plus years if you count the early years when I tagged along on crews but wasn’t getting paid,” he admits.

A graduate of the Tisch School of The Arts at New York University, Marty holds a bachelor’s degree in film and television production.

Marty joined the ACBA in 2007 and has extensive experience working to meet the needs specific to courts, attorneys, legal service providers, and a wide range of other clients of every background and budget. 

For more information, contact Marty at 412-261-5588 or