Labor and Employment Law Section


The Labor and Employment Law meets on the first Tuesday of each month from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. in the ACBA Headquarters or via webinar.

This Section shall study the field of employment law, primarily through the development and sponsorship of educational programs directed to the members of the Section, to the employees, unions, employers, and also academic institutions and government agencies that are the clients and employers of Section members, and to other members of the bar association as well as to the public generally. The principal subdisciplines of employment law which shall be studied include labor-management relations, equal employment opportunity, occupational safety and health and the rights of unrepresented employees. The Section will concentrate its efforts in the study of the relative rights and responsibilities of management, union and employees (including unrepresented as well as represented employees). The Section will endeavor to serve all of the audiences which make up the field of employment law, and to accommodate both the entrepreneurial rights of management to manage and direct the workforce, and the rights of employees, and unions and their members to be treated fairly. The Section will meet and confer upon such occasions and with such frequency is necessary in order to generate cooperation in promoting industrial progress, industrial peace, justice, human welfare and the supremacy of law.

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