ACBA COVID Vaccination Policy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I prefer not to upload my COVID vaccination card online. Can I just show you my card when I show up?

A: Yes. You are not required to use the VaccineCheck system, but if you opt for showing the card at the door, you will have to do that each time you come to an ACBA function.

Q: I attended a meeting last week with my card but forgot to bring it this week.  Can you let me in?

A: No.  The ACBA policy requires proof of vaccination at the door for all Committee, Division and Section meetings.

Q: I cannot find my card/lost card/left it in the office, can attend a meeting, event or CLE?

A: No. The ACBA policy requires proof of vaccination at the door.

Q: The venue doesn’t require proof of vaccination so why can’t I get in?

A: The ACBA policy requires proof of vaccination for any ACBA event regardless of the vaccination policy in place at any given location.

Q: I submitted my information through the VaccineCheck link, why don’t you have my status on file?

A: The online system can take up to 10 days to verify your status.  If you submitted it within the past 10 days, we may not have received notice of your vaccine verification yet, which means you will have to provide proof of vaccination at the door until your information is available in the VaccineCheck system.

Q: What constitutes proof of vaccination?

A: A CDC issued COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, a photo or a copy of it, or verification of your vaccination status through the VaccineCheck link.

Q: I am not vaccinated; can I attend an in-person event or CLE?

A: You can attend by providing proof of a negative COVID test at the door. The test results should be within 72 hours of the start of the event.

Q: I am not vaccinated; can I attend a Committee, Division or Section meeting in-person?

A: No.  You must be vaccinated to attend a meeting in-person.  Many ACBA Committee, Division and Section meetings are being held 100 percent virtually, and those that are being held in-person also have a virtual attendance option. If you’re not vaccinated, you should join the meeting via Zoom.

Q: What kind of COVID test results will the ACBA accept?

A: The ACBA will accept PCR, rapid, and home tests as long as they have been taken within 72 hours of the event.