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The Allegheny County Bar Association is nationally recognized for its excellence in providing Continuing Legal Education programs (CLEs), all ACBA CLE programs are approved for both Pennsylvania and West Virginia credit.

The ACBA offers four varieties of CLEs.

  • In-Person CLEs: Attorneys meet in the Koppers Building Conference Center, and occasionally at other Allegheny County locations, for in-person sessions with knowledgeable panelists for In-Person CLEs. Programs presented in this fashion tend to have very high audience engagement. For a listing of upcoming In-Person CLEs, click here.
  • Live Webinar CLEs: Webinar CLEs presented in real-time are among the most popular type of ACBA CLEs. Speakers from the Pittsburgh Legal Community, as well as from across the country, are featured in these programs, which tend to be the most well-attended type of ACBA CLE. For a listing of upcoming Live Webinar CLEs, click here.
  • Previously Recorded CLEs: The ACBA records many In-Person CLEs and Live Webinar CLEs, creating a robust library of more than 100 Previously Recorded CLEs. Click here to view the library. Earn credits any time, anywhere from any device. Credits earned via Previously Recorded CLEs are “distance learning credits.”
  • Live Video Replay CLEs: With this service, the ACBA offers lawyers the opportunity to come into the ACBA offices and watch recordings of Previously Recorded CLEs. Because these sessions are held in the ACBA offices, these credits “count” as live credits, not distance learning credits. To schedule a Live Video Replay Session, contact Holly Bedford at

2022-23 CLE Requirements

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has ruled that, for all compliance periods ending in 2022 and 2023, Pa. attorneys must earn at least six credits at in-person or real-time webinar CLEs. Up to six credits can be completed through previously recorded CLE courses. Only credits earned through live courses or real-time live webinars may be carried forward for up to two compliance periods. Click here for more information.

*Please note: The Pa. CLE Board can take up to 45 days to post credits.

CLE Forms

To access the ACBA CLE proposal form, click here.

CLE Diverse Panel Policy

The ACBA strives to incorporate diversity and inclusion into all programing. Every effort should be made to ensure the panel for all CLE programs includes presenters of various gender identities and expressions, races, ethnicities, disabilities and sexual orientations. You can include into your panel an expert who does not necessarily have to be a lawyer. Should a cancellation of a diverse presenter occur, it is suggested that they be replaced with another diverse panel member. If your program will incorporate three or more speakers and you are having trouble securing diverse speakers, please contact Mary Ann Fiorilli, the ACBA’s Director of Membership, CLE and Events at or 412-402-6610 who can assist you with this process.

CLE Materials

The ACBA maintains an inventory of current CLE materials at the bar association headquarters. These are available for purchase at the ACBA offices by all member attorneys. Contact Holly Bedford at for more information.

CLE Scholarships

To assist lawyers in good standing at the bar of Allegheny County who maintain their principal office in Allegheny County and are experiencing financial difficulty in acquiring the hours of required continuing legal education, the Allegheny County Bar Foundation Lawyers Fund has adopted a program that provides limited scholarship assistance to applicants who qualify. For further information about this program, contact Holly Bedford at

CLE Assistance

ACBA Members in need of financial assistance to obtain their annual Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education credits may make a request for assistance to the Manager of CLE and Programs. Assistance will be provided based upon financial need and is limited to one request per year. Assistance can only be used to attend continuing legal education seminars presented by the Allegheny County Bar Association. Contact Holly Bedford at or by calling 412-402-6614. All requests for assistance are confidential.

Ohio CLE Credits

Are you interested in receiving Ohio CLE credit for attending an ACBA CLE program?  If so, the ACBA will submit your credits to Ohio for a fee of $25 per course.  For more information, please contact Holly Bedford at or 412-402-6614.

CLE Contacts

Holly Bedford
CLE and Program Manager

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