Labor and Employment Symposium

2023 Labor and Employment Symposium Materials

Plenary Session 1 – Employment and Labor Law: Year in Review

Breakout Session 1A – Religion, Disability, Pregnancy

Breakout Session 1B – What Every Employment Lawyer Needs to Know About ERISA

Breakout Session 1C – Hot Issues in Wage and Hour Law

Breakout Session 2A – The Law Does Not Apply to Us Because We Do Not Have a Union – Or Does It? 

Breakout Session 2B – It’s Time to Update Your Employee Handbook

Breakout Session 2C – Religion and Work: The Devil is in the Details

Plenary Session 2 – Diversity and Inclusion Programs: Pitfalls and Opportunities

Plenary Session 3 – Better Negotiation Through Science

Breakout Session 3A – Accommodating Pregnancy in the Workplace

Breakout Session 3B – Individual Liability in Employment Law

Breakout Session 3C – Race as a Factor in Employment Decisions