Gender Equality Task Force history

The Gender Equality Task Force was formed in 2006 in response to the issues illuminated by the 2005 ACBA survey that specifically targeted the issue of gender equality. This survey was conducted to measure differences from a survey conducted 15 years earlier. Some results reported indicated little change in the gender equality arena and the amount of inequities cited were a serious concern for the ACBA. As a result, the Gender Equality Task Force was created to further analyze the results and formulate recommendations to assist in the creation of long-term solutions.

The Task Force analyzed the results of the ACBA survey and examined similar reports from around the country. Additionally, members of the Task Force participated in seminars provided by other leading bar associations to glean as much information as possible on these issues. The Subcommittees of the Task Force conducted numerous focus groups and individual meetings with lawyers to further understand the topics outlined by the survey. These topics were distilled into an action plan that includes the following:

  • Professional development, leadership, and growth
  • Job advancement
  • Satisfaction and retention
  • Compensation
  • Work/life balance
  • Perceptions and bias
  • Cultural competency

The Gender Equality Task Force recommended the formation of the Institute for Gender Equality to implement this plan. To learn about the Institute, click here.