Allegheny County Bar Foundation Fund Descriptions

Dues Check Off

This annual campaign runs concurrently with the bar association's dues renewal. 
The foundation annually requests that members of the bar association "check-off" 
an additional $50 contribution to the foundation.  Proceeds from this campaign will 
provide funding to administer the foundation's charitable and philanthropic 
programs, which provide awards, loans, and scholarships to law school students, 
as well as educational programs and training and mentoring programs for attorneys.

Academy of Trial Lawyers William S. Schweers, Sr. Educational Fund

Established in honor of William S. Schweers, Sr., this fund supports the academy's
annual essay contest for high school students, which explores current legal issues.

Attorneys Against Hunger

This annual campaign raises money to support the fight against hunger in Allegheny
County. Proceeds benefit the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, Hunger
Services Network, Just Harvest, the Kosher Super Pantry, the Pittsburgh AIDS
Task Force, and the food pantries of First Lutheran Church, First Presbyterian
Church, Saint Mary of Mercy Church, Smithfield United Church, Jubilee Kitchen, and Trinity Cathedral.

Donald W. Bebenek Fund

Established in memory of Donald W. Bebenek, this fund supports the education and
mentoring of attorneys, including but not limited to providing financial support
for the "Operation Experience Program" of the Allegheny County Bar Association.

Pro Bono Center

The center helps facilitate the delivery of pro bono legal services in
Allegheny County. The center works with service providers in the community,
helping them recruit, train, and recognize volunteers. The center provides
support services to these volunteers, including malpractice insurance and
access to online legal research.

Endowment Fund

Created in 1996 as part of the Fellows Program, the endowment will support and
foster new and innovative programs at the foundation.

Divorce Law Project

The project provides pro bono legal services to persons of limited means who are
seeking no-fault divorce actions in Allegheny County.

Grants Program

The foundation funds programs that support the delivery of pro bono legal services
to persons of limited means and/or promote the public understanding legal-related
issues. Since 2000, the foundation has awarded $85,000 in grants to community-based programs.

The Honorable Gerald K. Gibson Fund

Established in memory of the Honorable Gerald K. Gibson, the fund annually makes cash
awards to deserving students participating in the Creditors & Debtors Rights courses
at the University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University Schools of Law.

James I. Smith, III Notre Dame Law School Scholarship Fund

Established in honor of James I. Smith's 38-year career as Executive Director of the
Allegheny County Bar Association, this fund provides scholarships to law school students
from Allegheny County who are enrolled at the Notre Dame Law School.

Juvenile Court Project

The project provides pro bono legal services to protect the legal rights of indigent
parents whose children are the subject of Juvenile Court dependency and termination
of parental rights proceedings.

Lawyers' Fund

The purpose of the fund is:

  1. To relieve want or distress among members of the Bar of Allegheny County or their immediate families.
  2. To promote, advance, improve, and facilitate the administration of justice in Allegheny County.
  3. To give scholarships, fellowships, and grants-in-aid for research, writing and other study of the law,
    and of the administration of justice.
  4. To make loans to deserving law students.
  5. To acquire, preserve, and exhibit rare books, and objects of art, and items of historical interest having
    legal significance or bearing on the administration of justice.

Louis Little Attorneys' Memorial Fund

Established in 1963 through Louis Little's bequest, the fund annually provides low
interest loans of up to $3,000 to deserving law school students.

Lynette Norton Memorial Fund

Established in memory of Lynette Norton, this fund annually offers a post-graduate
award to a graduating student from the Duquesne University School of Law who has
demonstrated academic excellence, skills in oral advocacy through moot court programs,
and a keen sense of ethics and professionalism.

Zittrain Forums on Law and Public Policy

Established by Ruth A. Zittrain and the late Lester E. Zittrain, the fund will bring to
our community educational, topical and informative programs, which will lead to a better
understanding of the complex legal issues confronting our government and legal systems
and how best to deal with these issues.

The Honorable Carol Los Mansmann Memorial Fund

Established in memory of the late Honorable Carol Los Mansmann, this fund will annually provide
scholarships to female law school students attending Duquesne University School of Law.

Foundation's Greatest Need

Provides assistance in underwriting the establishment of new named funds, the promotion of existing programs
and projects, and the creation of new initiatives to assist ACBA members and the public.

The Daniel B. Dixon Scholarship Fund

Established in 2007, in honor of Daniel B. Dixon's lifelong commitment to the law and community,
this fund will provide an annual scholarship to a student of Dixon's alma mater, The University of Pittsburgh
School of Law who has completed his or her first or second year and who has
demonstrated an interest in real estate law, academic excellence and financial need.

Fellows Program

In 1996, the Allegheny County Bar Foundation established the Fellows Program to:

Fellows Pledges support the foundation in two important ways:
50% of each pledge helps support the foundation's initiatives to enhance the delivery of pro bono legal services to
low-income clients in Allegheny County, and 50% of each pledge helps grow the foundation's Grant Program.