Join the ACBA Lawyer Referral Service

The Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) is a service designed to assist the people of Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania in locating lawyers for specific types of legal matters. Clients can be referred by telephone, mail, or the Internet. The LRS operates by matching potential clients to a member of the Lawyer Referral attorney panel. LRS will refer the client to a private attorney with whom he/she may consult for up to 30 minutes. After the brief consultation the client and the attorney decide whether or not the attorney will be retained to provide additional services at the attorney’s regular rates.

Each year, thousands of clients are referred to the LRS member attorneys. ACBA members may join the Lawyer Referral Service panel for a nominal fee and have access to the referrals.

The ACBA Lawyer Referral Service meets American Bar Association standards for lawyer referral services.

Your completed Lawyer Referral Service application must include the following:

  1. Completed Lawyer Referral Service application and Membership agreement
  2. Proof of Professional Liability Insurance
  3. Check made payable to Allegheny County Bar Association

If you wish to join any of the following panels you must submit a completed experience panel application form for each such panel chosen:

Admiralty; Personal Injury; Aviation Personal Injury; Dental Malpractice; Domestic/Matrimonial Appellate Practice; Legal Malpractice; Medical Malpractice; PCRA Petitions; Products Liability; Vaccine Litigation; Complex Support/Paternity; Complex Crimina l Litigation; Complex Divorce/Equitable Distribution; FMLA Claims; FLSA Claims.

Note: Joining any of the other Area of Law Panels, not listed above, does not require any experience application forms.

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