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Looking to target market to Pittsburgh area attorneys? Partnering with the Allegheny County Bar Association is the best way to get your product or service in front of the Pittsburgh legal community.

Attorneys comprise one of the largest – and most successful – professional demographics in the Pittsburgh region. The vast majority of Western Pennsylvania legal professionals — more than 5,000 lawyers and judges – are members of the ACBA. Our ACBA partners have the opportunity to not only connect with these lawyers, but to do so through the region’s most trusted legal source: the Allegheny County Bar Association.

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Lawyers Journal

Our flagship publication, the Lawyers Journal is the best way to target the entire Pittsburgh legal community. A distinctive, widely-read legal newspaper, the Lawyers Journal is distributed every-other week to every member of the ACBA. Along with essential features, interviews and scholarly articles of interest to the Pittsburgh legal community, the Lawyers Journal is both a newspaper and a periodical reference work. The publication is available both in print and online, meaning the content – and ads – are not only viewed at the time of publication, but also months or years later when attorneys read the publication’s archives for research purposes.

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Native Advertising Packages

The ACBA offers “native advertising” packages, positioning you not merely as an advertiser, but as a subject matter expert. Native advertising is modern advertising. The concept is to organically blend your message into the content your audience is intentionally consuming in our Sidebar e-newsletter and social media channels. You become part of the story and are positioned as a subject matter expert in the eyes of ACBA attorneys. For more information about our native advertising packages, click here

Target Marketing

Approved ACBA Partners can target market attorneys of specific practice areas via stand-alone marketing emails sent from the ACBA to select practice groups. That’s a targeted, graphic email regarding your organization sent by the ACBA to your practice area of interest.

The ACBA will vet potential partners in advance, and only those products and services we feel would be of value to our members will be eligible. Space is limited. In order to avoid spamming members, only one Target Marketing email per practice area is available per six months. Click here for more on this option.

Event Sponsorships

Get face-to-face marketing opportunities – virtually, as well as in-person when it’s safe to do so – with Pittsburgh attorneys and judges at ACBA events. Develop relationships. Get face time. Close deals.

Events include everything from happy hours and holiday parties to golf outings and our annual Bench-Bar Conference.

Events are constantly being developed, and sponsorships amounts and deliverables vary from event to event. To find out what’ currently in the words, contact Brian Knavish, the ACBA Director of Marketing and Media Relations, at 412-402-6620 or

Expert and Vendor Guide

A comprehensive resource for attorneys, the Expert and Vendor Guide lists ACBA Business Partners by business category. This includes everything from expert witnesses to private investigators to financial planners. The EVG is published online 24/7, and a PDF version is distributed by email to all ACBA members quarterly.

CLE Sponsorships

The ACBA offers a partners the chance to sponsor an ACBA CLE. Packages include logo on marketing materials, exposure during CLE presentations and, in some instances, complimentary admission for ACBA members. Topics must be vetted and approved by the ACBA CLE department. Click here for more.

Member-to-Member Referral Guide

The Member-to-Member Referral Guide (M2M) lists attorneys by practice area. This is an invaluable tool for when attorneys are looking to refer legal work to their fellow lawyers. It’s available online 24/7. A printable PDF version is also distributed to by email to all ACBA members four times per year.

Legal Directory

The Legal Directory is the most timeless – and one of the most popular – ACBA resources. A proven source of leads and sales for our new and long-time advertisers, the directory includes contact information for ACBA members, court information and our business-generating Member-to-Member Referral Guide listings. The directory is available 24/7. Hundreds of members routinely buy the hard cop version of the directory for just $20.

Pittsburgh Legal Journal

The Pittsburgh Legal Journal is the official legal journal for both the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas and the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. The PLJ is published every business day of the year (During the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is being published Monday, Wednesday and Fridays). It is the only comprehensive source for trial lists, sheriff sale listings and other important legal notices. Since the PLJ is the official, exclusive source for this information, it is literally a must-read for certain attorneys and firms.

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