The Truth About Probate and Living Trusts in Pennsylvania

The Allegheny County Bar Association has made available to Pittsburgh area residents a free copy of the association’s “The Truth About Probate and Living Trusts in Pennsylvania” Booklet. You can e-mail us at

We have produced this booklet to alleviate the confusion about living trusts and probate, and to protect consumers from purchasing a product that might not be right for them.

The booklet answers questions about probate, such as: What is probate? What are the costs of probate? Does probate take a long time? The booklet also answers questions about a living trust, such as: Why am I now hearing so much about living trusts? Do I need a living trust?

If a consumer or organization would like to obtain multiple copies of the booklet, the first copy is free and the additional booklets are $1 each to cover copying expenses.

To print a copy of the Truth about Probate and Living Trusts in Pennsylvania, click here.

To order multiple copies, click here.