Native Advertising

Imagine advertising that makes you part of the story …

The ACBA offers “native advertising” packages, positioning you not merely as an advertiser, but as a subject matter expert.

Native advertising is modern advertising. The concept is to organically blend your message into the content your audience is intentionally consuming. You become part of the story and are positioned as a subject matter expert in the eyes of ACBA attorneys.

ACBA Native Advertising Packages include:

ACBA Sidebar e-newsletter article
The official e-newsletter of the ACBA, the Sidebar is emailed to every ACBA member every Thursday. That’s more than 5,000 attorneys. It contains news about upcoming events and other happenings in the Pittsburgh legal community. And now, it can contain a news blurb about your organization.

ACBA social media content
The news blurb about your organization will also be posted on the ACBA’s social media channels: Facebook (1,200+ followers), Twitter (1,500+ followers) and LinkedIn (700+ connections).

Details on ACBA Native Advertising

What You Get

Title Designation and Link
This edition of the ACBA Sidebar presented by [your company name].

ACBA Sidebar Blurb
The ACBA will write an article of up to 100 words about your organization and publish it in the “Partner News” section of the Sidebar. You provide source material and get to review and approve the final product.

Social Media
We will publish the same info that appears in the Sidebar on the ACBA Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media channels.

Inventory and Exclusivity

Only one partner can purchase a native advertising per week. That grants you exclusivity for this type of advertising. That means space is limited, so if you’re interested, schedule your package as soon as possible.


$750 – Native Advertising Package

$500 – Native Advertising Package in conjunction with a larger partnership


For more information, contact Brian Knavish, the ACBA’s Director of Marketing and Media Relations at 412-402-6620 or

To view a sample of the Sidebar e-newsletter featuring native advertising content, click here.