This is a Joke - Making Fun of Others is Not! program

When the Allegheny County Bar Association created the "This is a Joke - Making Fun of Others is Not!" Program, it was considered just a good idea to teach children the difference between a good joke and a bad one and why making fun of others is wrong. Thanks to our many lawyer volunteers who have taken this program to schools throughout Allegheny County, that good idea has turned into a popular award-winning program.

Other bar associations and organizations across the country are now borrowing this program, so the key points of our program are spreading beyond Allegheny County.

This is a Joke - Making Fun of Others is Not! ProgramYou don't have to have children or work with them to know that many kids make fun of each other. Often feelings are hurt, but even worse, the teasing and fun could develop into insensitivity toward others who are of a different race, religion, nationality, etc. As you know, addressing these issues as early as possible is important.

That's why we have put together this 45 minute interactive and fun program for students in grades K-5 to deal with the serious subjects of diversity and why making fun of others is wrong.

While the students enjoy sharing their favorite jokes during this seminar, they take special interest in the stories our lawyer volunteers share with them - stories of when they were made fun of as a child or when they made fun of others.

Information on how to request this program at your school will be available soon.

ACBA's Joke Program Now Offers a "Don't be a Cyberbully!" Spinoff.

Don't be a cyberbullyDon’t Be A Cyberbully builds on the key messages of This is a Joke while focusing on children making fun of others through technology. Our attorneys share their personal stories of cyberbullying and bullying while discussing the good and bad ways to use Facebook, texting, tweeting, emailing and other forms of electronic communications. The attorneys discuss how students can spot and report cyberbullying, and what they can do if they are victims of cyberbullies.

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