Co-founder of Teleos Leadership Institute To be Guest Lecturer at Ninth Annual Lawrence W. Kaplan Lecture in Conflict Resolution On May 31

Pittsburgh PennsylvaniaMay 18, 2012. Organizers of the Ninth Annual Lawrence W. Kaplan Lecture in Conflict Resolution announced that Frances Johnston, PH.D, an international thought leader of emotional intelligence and resonant leadership and the co-founder of the Teleos Leadership Institute, will be the guest lecturer at this year’s event on May 31, 2012 at the Downtown Pittsburgh Omni William Penn. The title of her lecture is “The Intervenor’s Emotion: Its Influence on Outcome,” and it is geared toward mediators, lawyers, human resources professionals, and others involved in conflict resolution.

The lecture is co-sponsored by the Allegheny County Bar Association’s Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee and the Collaborative Law Committee, the Collaborative Law Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania, the Dialogue and Resolution Center of CVVC, and the Mediation Council of Western Pennsylvania.

The focus of Johnston’s presentation will be to help mediators and other intervenors understand more about their own emotional composition and emotional responses, and then to make the connection between the practitioner’s emotion and its impact on the outcome of
the process he or she is mediating or facilitating.

According to Chris Stachtiaris, Chair of the ACBA Collaborative Law Committee, “As mediation and now collaborative dispute resolution processes have become popular and more commonly used methods to handle legal cases that were once settled in the courtroom, Dr. Johnston will offer timely and invaluable insight on how we who assist parties in conflict influence the negotiation through our own emotional responses to that conflict.  This lecture will be invaluable for anyone assisting parties in any type of negotiation process.”

Gary Kaplan, the Chair of the ACBA Alternative Dispute Resolution, said that the "annual lecture highlights and supports our community's leadership in promoting thoughtful and effective methods for resolving costly and often wasteful disputes."
Johnston, along with Annie McKee, co-founded the Teleos Leadership Institute in January 2001. The Teleos vision is to be a resonant, values-based, professional consulting firm that provides services in private and public sectors, encouraging and developing ethical leadership that creates resonant, inspiring organizations.

According to Ann Begler, a local mediator and one of the founders of the Annual Lawrence W. Kaplan Lecture in Conflict Resolution, “Many times as a mediator we can lose sight of the fact that our own emotional state, our own sense of presence, has a direct influence on the potential outcome of a situation.  Fran will present some enlightening information to us about how to focus on our own emotional state so we can really use ourselves in a better way to help people get to a resolution.

"She has an incredible way of combining intelligence and humor in her work. Everyone in the audience, including mediators, lawyers, HR professionals or others who work in the midst of conflict, will walk away with a fresh perspective about themselves that will transfer to more effective outcomes in the work they do."

The cost to attend Dr. Johnston’s lecture is $50.  For more information, contact Mary Kate Coleman, Immediate Past Chair of the ACBA Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee, at 412-341-9300.   Or RSVP for the lecture to Marlene Ellis by May 23, 2012 at

The annual Lawrence W. Kaplan Lecture Series has been named in honor of Retired Judge Lawrence W. Kaplan  of the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas for his pioneering effort to bring mediation to practitioners, the courts, and Allegheny County and surrounding communities.  The lecture series is intended to advance creative and critical thinking about conflict resolution and to inspire ongoing education and collegiality among dispute resolution professionals.



Gary Kaplan, Esquire
Chair ACBA Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee

Chris A. Stachtiaris, Esquire
Chair, ACBA Collaborative Law Committee

Mary Kate Coleman, Esquire
Immediate Past Chair
ACBA Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee

Ann L. Begler, Esquire
Begler Group