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Through the Summer Clerkship Program, the ACBA partners with law firms, offices of corporate counsel, non-profit organizations, government entities and court systems to provide diverse law students with their first summer legal work experience. Since 2005, the ACBA has placed over 320 diverse first-year law students in summer clerkship positions in Pittsburgh.

If you are a first-year law student who identifies as a person of color, LGBTQ+ or having a disability, and attend a Pittsburgh area law school or have meaningful connections to the Pittsburgh area you are encouraged to apply for the 2023 Summer Clerkship Program.

As a participant, you will undergo one ACBA coordinated application and interview process for consideration by an ever-increasing number of participating employers who are committed to making diverse hires through the program. In addition to a meaningful work experience, you will engage in supplemental activities designed to help you integrate into the Pittsburgh legal community and provide supports to assist in your legal career. These activities include: a career sampler panel, lunch with local judges, networking events with diverse attorneys and other ACBA events.

What your fellow law students are saying about the Summer Clerkship Program

“It works in a fair way to help students who would otherwise not have the same opportunities when it comes to summer employment.”    

“I received a wonderful opportunity that I don’t think would have been available outside of the program.”

“It can be very daunting to launch oneself into a potentially new city with little to no experience in one’s practice area of interest. This program provides all the help a 1L may need to get started with and follow through their professional ambitions.”

“This is a really great program, and I really appreciate the effort that the ACBA is putting into building a more inclusive and diverse legal community in Pittsburgh.”

“This summer and experience were such a great avenue for young diverse law students to prove their worth and meaning in the field.”

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