Information for Employers

The primary goal of the Summer Clerkship Program is to provide a challenging and enriching employment experience at participating law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies and nonprofits for first-year diverse law students from area law schools. By providing students with an opportunity to gain this experience in the summer following their first year, the ACBA hopes to contribute to their marketability and competitive advantage for critical second-year summer positions. Through the program, the ACBA also hopes to encourage these students to consider staying in Pittsburgh following graduation, thereby contributing to the overall diversity of Pittsburgh.

Since 2005, the ACBA has placed over 360 diverse first-year law students in summer clerkship positions with Pittsburgh-area employers. The ACBA encourages all Pittsburgh-area legal employers to participate in the program by hiring a student for the summer.

Testimonials from Law Students

My summer employment experience was exceptional. I got to work with many different practice groups. I received constructive feedback on almost every project I worked on. The summer program leader was always available to help or answer questions I might have. The firm had various summer events where the summer interns and associates could meet all members of the firm. Overall, it was an awesome experience and I am so grateful to have had it.

My summer clerkship was beneficial because of how much I learned. I had the opportunity to do a lot of research, write multiple briefs, and observe various court proceedings. I was also introduced to several judges, lawyers, and other court staff. I was able to improve both my research and writing skills, as well as my personal skills. Overall, I got a well-rounded experience.