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A Family’s Guide to Health Care Services:

A Joint Project of the Allegheny County Bar Association
Young Lawyers Division and Health Law Section

Making healthcare decisions has never been easy, especially nowadays, with state and federal healthcare regulations changing virtually every day. Whether it's trying to determine if health insurance will pay for a medical procedure or dealing with an employer that is reluctant to give medical leave, the process of finding the right answers can sometimes be more stressful than the treatment itself. The ACBA Young Lawyers Division wants to help.

ACBA Young Lawyers Division is proud to present this guide to the residents of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, to help us all more easily navigate healthcare planning and decision making. Through the hard work of 16 young attorneys with specialties ranging from insurance law to family law, we've tried to analyze and thoroughly explain all the topics that could play into difficult healthcare decisions. We've also included a host of links to important resources, specific to Allegheny County, that can be used to dig even further.

We hope you find this guide useful and that you'll share it with others in need. Although the ACBA Young Lawyers Division cannot accept legal questions on the topics discussed in this guide, users are invited to submit suggestions on how we can improve this guide by emailing us at the address provided below.

UPDATE: In June 2011, the YLD nominated the LGFMC for an American Bar Association "Award of Achievement" for public service programs, which placed it in competition with projects from bar associations around the country. At the ABA's Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada, in August 2011, the LGFMC was announced as the First Place nationwide winner! Read about it here.

Family’s Guide to Health Care Services