Workers’ Compensation

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act (PWCA) provides wage loss and medical benefits to employees who are hurt at work in Pennsylvania. Workers’ compensation benefits are also available to dependent widows, widowers, parents, children, and sibilings of workers who die as a result of a work injury.

Work injuries include physical injuries, mental injuries, hearing loss, occupational diseases, and scarring to the head, neck, or face. Work injuries also include work-related aggravations of pre-existing conditions regardless of whether the pre-existing condition is work-related. An injured worker is not ineligible for benefits simply because he/she was at fault for the injury.

In order to be eligible for benefits under the PWCA, the injured worker must report the injury to his/her employer within 120 days. The employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company is responsible for processing the claim for benefits and paying workers' compensation benefits. Within 21 days of reporting the injury, the injured worker should receive a notice in the mail stating whether the insurance company will pay benefits. Because employers and their insurance companies often make mistakes that can affect the injured worker’s eligibility for benefits, the injured worker should always seek a free consultation from an attorney right away to make sure the claim is processed properly.

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