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Upcoming Events

05/10/2021Corporate Banking and Business Law Section Meeting
05/10/2021Federal Court Section Meeting
05/10/2021YLD Ad Hoc Anti Racism Committee Meeting
05/10/2021Civil Litigation Town Hall Panel Discussion
05/10/2021Live Webinar CLE – Immigration Law Trends – From Trump to Biden
05/11/2021Live Webinar CLE – Fundraising and the Law
05/11/2021YLD Membership Outreach Committee Meeting
05/11/2021Family Law Section Meeting
05/11/2021Legal Technology and E-Discovery Committee Meeting
05/11/2021Women in the Law - Policy Sub-Committee Meeting
05/12/2021Criminal Litigation Section Meeting
05/12/2021Finance Committee Meeting
05/12/2021Gender Equality Committee Meeting
05/12/2021Immigration Committee Meeting
05/12/2021YLD Education Committee Meeitng
05/13/2021Workers' Compensation Section Meeting
05/13/2021WLD Gender Bias Sub Committee Meeting
05/13/2021Live Webinar CLE – Crisis Communication: Safeguarding Reputation, Trust, and the Bottom Line
05/13/2021Live Webinar CLE – Workers' Compensation Issues and Developments in the Gig Economy
05/13/2021Asian Attorneys Committee Meeting
05/13/2021Elder Law Committee Meeting
05/13/2021Pittsburgh Paralegal Association Meeting
05/13/2021Real Property Section Meeting
05/14/2021Live Webinar CLE – Civil Rights Law for the Non-Civil Rights Attorney
05/17/2021Live Webinar CLE – Practical Advice for In-House Attorneys
05/17/2021Membership Committee Meeting
05/17/2021The Nonprofit Law Committee
05/17/2021Public Service Committee Meeting
05/18/2021Board of Governors Meeting
05/18/2021Live Webinar CLE – Enrolling in the Medicare System – Not as Simple as You Think
05/18/2021Court Rules Committee Meeting
05/18/2021Homer S. Brown Division Council Meeting
05/18/2021Real Property Section Diversity Sub-Committee Meeting
05/18/2021YLD Public Service Committee Meeting
05/19/2021Civil Litigation Section Mediation Subcommittee
05/19/2021Live Webinar CLE – Federal Court Civil Practice - Commencement Through Post-Trial
05/19/2021Committee for Diversity and Inclusion Meeting
05/19/2021Construction Law Section Meeting
05/19/2021ACBA Ad Hoc Committee on Police Use of Force Incarceration Subcommittee
05/19/2021YLD Member Services Committee Meeting